Our mission is simple; to share music in a creative way to entertain and to promote the musician.  Dave's Basement Tracks started as a radio show on the defunct Ocooch Mountain Radio.  An internet/smartphone app streaming platform.  After it's end, I considered only using Bandcamp links but too many of my songs were bought on Apple music or the old fashion way in retail or from the artist; thus the YouTube links were added.  My extensive library dates back to LPs I bought as a teenager, and so the premise of "Good Music has No Expiration Date"  Join the journey by following the blog, and we're on Facebook here : https://www.facebook.com/davesbasementtracks

Yes, I go back to the days of making mix cassette tapes from vinyl, now that was putzy.  Vinyl laying everywhere while I scour my memory and song titles for just the right tunes.  Now I have imported many favorites into the library from both CDs & vinyl and of course my new in concert favorite to buy again is a Vinyl with Digital Download; best of both worlds.  Something tangible and something searchable.  Add in all my Apple and Bandcamp purchases, my creations, and bootlegs and the library stands today 19,610 songs or 53.1 days of music.  Thus Playlists are easier and what this blog is about; playlists with THEMES.. we'll have so many I've built this index.  

We know we'll evolve as a blog but remember that it can be taken in small doses, and with music that never expires also can be discovered at any time.  Use the Theme Index for ideas of which blogs to read, or use the Labels to find all the posts with your new favorite artist, and what I had to say about them.

This blog will be ad free and while I'm tempted to add a Donate or a Patreon link, it would only to give me money to buy music.  If you insist on sending me money, then make a suggestion of who I should spend the money on.  Here's the PayPal link:

Sponsors? While I'm not going to add advertising to the blog, another way to support music might be to sponsor us.  While Blue Earth didn't know they are a sponsor, I love to support breaking the cycle of laundry detergent in plastic jugs that just end up in landfills and the ocean.  I remember the days of powder soap that didn't always work.  Now there is Blue Water detergent strips WORK, they are wonderful and if you buy with my discount DAVE16921 you will get 20% off and I get a commission that I put 100% back into music.   The link 


Here were my purchases of music using the commission:

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