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DBT #301 Slow

  Last night after listening to Slow Lane by Admiral Radio, it felt like I should slow it down and create some slow magic. So the day started off with some rain, and me still feeling the slowness; so I'll get some ambition to share it with you. 1) Slow Land - Admiral Radio Loved this song when I heard it SERFA, had to buy it on Bandcamp immediately. Slow Lane by Admiral Radio Here they are at SERFA: 2) Slow - Leonard Cohen No searching required to know this song was the next song that came to mind, it might be because I'm old and here myself in the song easily. 3) Slow Burn - Erik Koskinen Oh this is why I love doing these lists, it gives me a chance to rediscover gems from favorite musicians. 4) Slow Climb - Nora Jane Struthers  Ok I can listen to more than just "Bike Ride" by Nora... ha.  This is one of the first upbeat slow song but not real fast now. 5) Slow Boat to China - John Prine I've said this numerous times, I love when my playlist searches find a more

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