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Dave's Music #144 Abbie Gardner - Dobrosinger

  So this is the time of the year that Best of 2022 List are being published, and followers of this blog know I dance around time periods because to me no music goes stale after a year, it truly has no expiration date.  Merely it sits and waits for you to take the time to enjoy it.  I do read the lists though like Pop Matters put out the Top Ten Folk Albums  which as of today I own 3 of the 10 and agree Jake Blount's is an awesome album. (I will consider reviewing it) Holler took on 20 Americana and again I have 3 of the 20, of which Willi Carlisle has been reviewed.  What I took from these lists is that I have a lot more good music to discover, and if it takes until next year that's ok. Now for today's I'm actually expecting Abbie Gardner 's May's release "Dobrosinger" to start showing up in best of lists.  I bought the Pre-Release in March and got the rest of the Album in May.  May was a truly busy time for me being the first month of retirement,

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