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DBT #277 Also Going Nowhere - Luke Callen

 Luke Callen has graced this blog over 15 times, so you could figure that I would review his new album; especially since I've been itching to do this since December when I bought the pre-released vinyl in a show at the Root Note .  Now while the LaCrosse area is a small market, it has some great entertainment within a 30 mile radius; and to see the Root Note booking again brings me such joy.  While I didn't get a video from the night because I was deeper in the packed crowd, I did get a picture of Siri joining in on harmonies. Of course if you follow me, you know all the LaCrosse hangouts that we frequent because they do show up in my 269  Around Town videos.  For all the artists and agents out there reading the blog here for the first time, here are links to the venues in the playlist : The Pump House , The Trempealeau Hotel , Leo & Leona's , Ecker's Apple Farm , Elmaro Vineyards , The Main - An Event Space   (who also does great Friday night comedy that I'v

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