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DBT #242 Duets Vol. 1 - Karen Mal & David Stoddard

Duets, the classic back and forth probably epitomized by Johnny and June Cash's "Jackson" and then John Prine went and put out a heck of an album " In spite of Ourselves " with a bunch of women after the success of his duet with Iris Dement.  Yes I have a soft spot for duos already, but when you know the format is going to be duets; I impulsively buy them. That's what happened with a suggestion from a friend David Stoddard that I think about reviewing his duet album with Karen Mal.  I told him my rules (yes even friends need to follow review rules) and the first one is that it needs to be on Bandcamp.  He said he'll do just that, and before he could give it to me for free, I impulsively bought it. They call it Volume 1 because after playing together off and on for the last 20 years they have so much material that didn't fit on this album.  I'm not sure if they met there, but David and Karen were both Kerrville New Folk finalists in 2005 ! She wa

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