Yikes this is where I put all the self indulgent experiences that convince you that I'm real and know what I'm talking about.  Ha, none of us are experts but here we go.

I grew up in a small town, Manitowoc WI along Lake Michigan.  Sixth child of 7 to a family that really just made do from paycheck to paycheck but we never thought we were poor, and all of us grew up with pretty good self esteem.  Music was always a part of my life, mostly top 40 stuff, and my first vinyl that was a present was the Beatles "Revolver" record.  The family loved to watch Johnny Cash and Hee Haw.

Formative music years they say happen in your late teens, at that point I was learning guitar and had a friend Kent Aubry teach me Michael Murphy's "Wildfire" and I absorbed tab books on the Eagles, Jimmy Buffett and Harry Chapin. Folky yes but pop music was great back then and I still loved a little ELO, Allman Bothers, Edgar Winter White Trash and Mott the Hoople.

Next in my development was meeting Lori who would become my life partners the next 40+ years, and we merged on tastes in music and we adventured out to live music and folk festivals.  Our honeymoon was even at the Winnipeg Folk Fest where we saw many acts, but the only time we ever saw Stan Rogers.

Work life moved me to the other side of the state and I worked at WinCraft from 1985 until my retirement in May of 2022.  If you want to see me age over the years, just watch a few of the videos in this playlist

As a buyer of music over 1,200 vinyls, 800 Cds, and 65 days of music in my Apple music library, one might understand that I'm serious.  Of course the blog will use my recent love of Bandcamp as a first source for streamed music.  Follow me there too.   A recent addition is now my vinyl & CD library is  in Discogs and has hit 2,000 pieces; if you are a member look me up LuckyDogDave.  I've made a few sales on there and have made many purchases.

Musically I started to play in front of people when Tim Kolek and I were original members of ACTS (Accentuating Christ Thru Song) praise band at Holmen Lutheran Church.  That was when I was a little over 40, and at 64 I'm still playing there once a month; bass or guitar.

Tim had experience in cover bands, so ACTS kind of spun of to become Rose River with Shelly and Paula and we had a great 10 year run of playing the bar circuit.  Boy those three could sing harmony.

As Rose River disbanded but I already had a couple other bands I was doing with friends.  The infamous "Holy Crap" band ultimately evolved into Lucky Dog.

Let's see I was also Fest Chair with the Great River Folk Fest for over 5 years

Curated and DJ'd two internet radio shows on Ocooch Mountain Radio.

I have been blogging on and off during my years.  I'm amazed this Songwriter Blog is still up there from 2008-2010 with it's 34 posts, so I added a post to refer back to this blog.

Plus I had fun posting to a fictitious variety show called "The Zemmy Show" that had over 800 posts and now over 101K views.  Again I posted a couple posts to push those readers to the Dave's Basement Tracks.


And finally run a house concert series of 4 a year since 2008.  Click here to see the list of everyone who has played the series.

You could always decide to feed my music addiction and donate to the cause.  Feel free to contact me at dave@luckydog.band

If you did, I will spend it only on music and even will buy the music you recommend if you tell me to.  Here's a Paypal donate button

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