DBT #217 Mentionables


Ok truly I'm satisfied that I put in over 11 hours of listening to all the Great River Folk Fest submissions at least once; and of course many more if I add in the multiple listens.  I'm good with the interruption to the DBT Blog, because I consider this my research into new music for the library.  Being one of the three first round judges comes with the job, and boy it's not always easy.  We had about 70 artists put their name and songs (some more than two submissions), 36 artists highlighted in 6 blog posts; could have easily highlighted 50+.  When the first round judges were done only 3 artists were consensus top 12 finalists, 8 were chosen by two of the judges, and one was in the top 12 because one chose them and the other two had them high in the teens.  NINE artists had a top 12 vote while not making the list, which of course is kind of why I'm here writing this blog post.

I am not saying these were the Nine who had a vote, these are ten songs that I have stashed away in a playlist to remind me that they matter and they were introduced to me during the 2023 contest.  I'm pretty sure I won't find all these songs to share with you and I don't initially have any authorization to upload to YouTube for listening.  Plus some songs might not have been submitted, but I have since bought or have been gifted the song for my library.  Let's see what I can find.

1) MN Farm Girl - Skarlett Woods

Right, the first one I couldn't find.  I did find Skarlett on Bandcamp and this song is in my wishlist, and I hope she adds more.

2) Pleiades - Tom Carlson

Tom's album is now in my wishlist.

3) Pounding Spike - Nick Nielsen

Right I can't find this anywhere.

4) Blanks - Central Standard Time

A duo from Iowa are out in Bandcamp and I have some of their music in my wishlist including this song:

5) Day Trip Tuesday - The Shandies

This female duo has already hit the blog with a review; and I was looking for another opportunity to listen to this song.  It needs a video ladies!

6) It Doesn't Go Away - Jason Baker

Jason has contributed this song for a Social Change cause, I have it now on my wishlist.  I do believe I met Jason in previous years contests too.

Here's Jason performing the song:

7) Devil May Care - Gaben Moore

Gaben from Madison WI has an account in Bandcamp, and he just added this EP to his page:

8) Basement Tapes - Pinkerton Raid

Ha... I have to include this song in my blog or I would be shot by the blog editor alliance.

Here their official video:

9) Stupid Goddamn Face - Jadea Kelly

Yep, she's in my library and can call me names if she would like.

10) Little Warbler - Joel Brogan

Joel was an early submitter and has nice songs.  He does have his recordings out in BC:

Right with the issues of most of these songs were submitted via MP3 I did give it any hope to find many in YouTube so I didn't try to make a playlist.

I hope along the line they make a video and share it with me; I'm determined to keep following these great writers even if they were just part of the Mentionable's.  ;-)  Ha... 

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